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I have always had the same question as technology moves foreword in it’s development. Storage has moved from tape to the basic big old soft floppy to the 3.5″ Diskettes, to the the CD’s, DVD’s, SSD’s, Thumb Drives and a myriad of other short lived types of storage. I find that transferring from one type of storage to the next up dated type over the years has become a real challenge, I still have data and docs stored on floppies and can no longer access them. Backward computability isn’t always there and if you wait to long, the precious information you spent time saving is locked in that storage media or lost. Even the software reading the different types of storage changes and can no longer read the old stored data. Point in case, when I changed from PC Microsoft to Mac Apple. OMG, early on it was a complete loss at times and corruption galore… Even today I run one of my Macs with VMware Fusion and MS Windows 7 and there are still problems with that following up with upgrades to all 3 systems, a nightmare…
Not the best way to store data, I have moved back to printing and storing very important information to paper hard copy and DVD and then storing them in a fire proof safe.
David, you are young and are part of the generation that must solve this problem, ours has hosed it up with no standards and a rush to improve the future without staying in touch with the past…
Last year I showed my Grandsons a Tape Reel and Floppy Disk and they asked me what they were and how did they work?? I am 71 now, exhausted, and no longer have a solution in mind. When I pass and leave this planet, problem solved for me but what about my Grandsons and their sons?

The summary is:
There is no current digital storage technology that can reasonably be expected to last beyond 10 years.

This means that everyone from governments and multi-national corporations down to the likes of you and I will have to plan to replace our storage and migrate all our data at least once a decade until someone invents the digital equivalent of a clay tablet!



I have wondered about this also as I achive my customers photos and artwork they have used for photoshirts in case they want to use them again in the future.