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Physicists at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands were able to successfully “teleport” information over a distance of 10 feet, reports the New York Times.

There’s a lot going on in that idea, so let’s break it down.

The rules for the subatomic world are totally unlike the rules for our macroscopic world. A particle can be in multiple places at the same time, and can even disappear on one side of a barrier and reappear on the other side without actually traveling through it. This comes from quantum theory, and while it sounds totally nonintuitive, it’s one of the most successful models physicists have for understanding our world.

Many scientists around the world today are working to develop “quantum technology,” which is simply any technology that hinges upon these totally “abnormal” properties of the super-small stuff that makes up our world. The Mount Everest…More

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